Integration of BPM with External Systems

Here we integrate Business Process Management (BPM) systems with external systems through APIs, utilizing Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) connectors.

1. Utilization of Existing ESB Connectors:

We first identify and use existing ESB connectors to integrate with external platforms. This step involves configuring the connectors to align with specific API requirements and process needs.

2. Development of Custom ESB Connectors:

Where no suitable connectors exist, we develop custom ESB connectors tailored to the unique API demands of the external systems. Each custom connector undergoes extensive testing for compatibility, reliability, and performance, with particular attention to data integrity and error handling.

3. SoftryLink ESB Data Transformation:

Utilizing the SoftryLink ESB data transformation, we convert business tasks and events from the BPM system into compatible API calls for external systems. This process involves the transformation and mapping of data to meet the specific requirements of external APIs.

4. Monitoring and Maintenance:

Post-integration, we provide continuous monitoring and maintenance services to ensure the integrated system operates smoothly. We also offer support for incremental improvements and adaptations to the integration as business processes and APIs evolve over time.