Case Study: Invoice Payment Tracking with Odoo ERP, Camunda BPM and Apache Camel

Client Requirements:

A client required a solution to integrate and automate their invoice payment tracking process within an existing Odoo ERP system. They faced challenges in managing invoice payments efficiently and sought a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their current systems considering automated and manual tasks.


1. Detailed Process Analysis and BPMN Modeling:

Our first step involved a comprehensive analysis of the client’s existing invoice management workflow. Utilizing BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), we collaboratively modeled the process with the client, ensuring a detailed understanding and accurate representation of their specific operational needs.

2. Selection and Deployment of Camunda BPM Engine on AWS:

For the process automation backbone, we chose Camunda BPM Engine Version 7, renowned for its robust process modeling and execution capabilities. The engine was deployed on a secure AWS Cloud instance.

3. SoftryLink Framework Integration with Apache Camel ESB and SoftryLink Connectors:

Leveraging SoftryLink, our integration framework, we established a connection between the BPM engine and the ERP system. Apache Camel, known for its versatile routing rules, was deployed as the ESB. This setup enabled efficient message routing, format transformation, and integration pattern implementation. We customized the SoftryLink connectors for Camunda BPM and Odoo ERP to enable efficient communication and data transfer between the systems, ensuring that the client's specific needs were met.

4. Integration of SoftryLink Odoo Extension:

The client’s Odoo ERP system was enhanced with the SoftryLink Odoo Extension, which we configured to interact dynamically with the BPM engine. This allowed setting up event listeners and handlers within Odoo for capturing business process related triggers and actions.

5. Development of Customized Automated Rules in Odoo ERP:

In close collaboration with the client, we implemented 8 automated rules within the Odoo ERP. These rules were low-coded to generate specific SoftryLink Events ('invoice sent', 'invoice paid', 'invoice canceled', 'invoice deleted') and execute defined SoftryLink Tasks ('send reminder', 'call customer', 'process not paid invoice', 'cancel invoice manual tasks'). The rules were designed using Odoo’s built-in basic automation, ensuring they were tailored to the nuanced needs of the client’s invoice processing workflow.


Post-implementation, the system automated the entire invoice payment tracking process with precision. The integration enabled the ERP system to autonomously manage payment reminders, initiate manual intervention tasks, and respond to varying invoice events. This led to a marked increase in process efficiency, reduced manual intervention, and enhanced accuracy in invoice management. The client reported significant improvements in operational efficiency and reduction in process handling time.